Residential Gas Testing

If your home requires gas testing for services to begin or resume Church Services plumbers can get the job done.

Why is a gas test required?

A gas test must be performed when service has been disconnected and plugged, red tagged, or pulled by a municipality. Gas piping must be tested and repaired by a licensed plumber, then inspected by an inspector.

Gas services will not be restored by your local municipality until a gas test has been performed and approved.

Municipal Codes and Permits

Church Services must first obtain a permit in your municipality before beginning work at your residence. All gas outlets and appliances must be inspected for compliance to local codes.

All gas appliances (water heaters, furnaces, stoves, ovens, fire places, grills, etc.) must be up to code. If repairs are determined to be needed, a quote will be provided for approval.

Our Testing Process

  • Our qualified plumbers test for gas leaks by applying a gauge to test the pressure of the system and then monitoring it.
  • If a leak is determined to exist the plumber will attempt to locate the leak(s) and make the correct repairs. If too many leaks are found in a line it may prove more prudent to replace the line as opposed to repairing it.
  • Leak locating and repairs are performed on a “time and material” basis.

Church Services can provide Houston homeowners details of necessary repairs and correct the issues upon approval. Our honest plumbers will make sure to provide cost-efficient and proper solutions to your gas line issues.

Upon completion of repairs and code issues, Church Services will contact the municipality and schedule an inspection. Inspections can occur as long as 48 hours after the appointment is scheduled. Our qualified plumbers will prepare a daily service ticket to document work performed throughout the process.

Once a successful inspection has been performed, the municipality will contact the gas operator to re-install a gas meter (if it was removed) and restore service to the residence. This could be an additional twenty four hours after the gas operator has been contacted.

Schedule a Gas Test

Call Church Services today at 713-396-3760 to schedule a gas test in the Houston area.

This service cannot be performed in one day due to the required involvement of a municipality inspector.