Maintenance Agreements: Take the Next Step to Keep Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Running Well

Fix problems before they happen with our Maintenance Agreement. Our technicians will schedule visits before peak energy usage periods to keep your heater or AC working smoothly all season. Pre-scheduled maintenance saves you energy and money, so skip the “what-if’s” and stay relaxed all year round with a Church Services Maintenance Agreement.

We know you don’t want to wait one minute once something’s broken on your furnace or AC, and you don’t want repairs to cost an arm and a leg. With a maintenance plan, you won’t just get our expert AC and furnace maintenance – you’ll also receive tons of service and member benefits.

Our service benefits were designed to keep your eyes off the clock: Maintenance Agreements offer priority booking. Likewise, our member benefits were designed to keep your wallet plump. 

We can’t think of a much nicer deal for a more affordable price. You’ll get all the maintenance services and benefits for less than two individual tune-ups would cost. Call your Church Services in Houston at 713-396-3760 to enroll today, or conveniently schedule an appointment now.