How to Prevent Common Winter Plumbing Problems

November 11, 2016

This time of year brings so much excitement – adorable trick-or-treaters, family gathered around Thanksgiving tables, and the magic of the holidays. But with the good comes the bad. The cold weather and bitter temperatures can cause a whole world of plumbing problems. Church Services is here with some preventative measures to help you minimize your chance of facing these common winter plumbing problems.


Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common plumbing problem for Houston. This usually occurs when high water pressure from the main water pipe combines with freezing temperatures. To help keep this from occurring in your home, leave a faucet somewhat open to make sure the water can continually flow through. If you do realize you have a frozen pipe, disable the main water supply to keep the pipe from bursting. Try thawing the frozen area of the pipe with heated water and if that fails, give Church Services a call and we’ll send one of our expert plumbers out to look at the problem.

Broken Water Line

A crack or break in your water line could cause serious damage to your home. Water line leaks or breaks are typically a result of a frozen garden hose. If you keep your hose connected to your water spout during extreme temperatures, the ice inside can cause pressure to build up in your home’s water lines and result in a leak or a break. To avoid this problem, make sure your garden hoses are drained and disconnected before freezing temperatures set in.

Failing Hot Water Systems

If your hot water heater is not functioning as well as expected, verify that the temperature is set high enough. If you have a gas water heater, confirm the pilot light is still lit. If these aren’t the cause of your hot water issues, call Church Services so we can send out a professional plumber to figure out what’s going on. To avert this issue altogether, make sure you are getting your annual hot water heater maintenance and it’s better if you service it well before cooler temperatures arrive. Call 713-396-3760 to make sure you don’t get left without warm water this winter.