Weep Hole Covers

How are those pests getting into your home?

Wondering how those rats, mice and roaches continue to enter your kitchen? Day after day they’re most likely sneaking in through a weep hole.

In addition to rats and roaches, many other unwanted pests could fit into your weep holes including small snakes, lizards, earwigs, ants, scorpions, bees and wasps. These pests are not welcome and they’re dirty, carry germs, leave droppings, and chew on wires and other materials – sometimes doing expensive damage to your home.

What is a weep hole?

Weep holes are constructed in homes and buildings made of brick or stone. If you look at the outside of your house (where the brick meets or connects with the foundation slab near the ground) you’ll see small vertical openings about 2” to 3” high. They can often be spaced every three or four bricks along the house. These weep holes allow the structure to ventilate, and they allow moisture to escape the home in case of flooding.

Weep holes serve as a way to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the walls of your home. Some builders will install weep hole covers or mesh inserts while construction is in progress, however most homes do not include this feature. Our preferred method to exclude pests is copper mesh. Weep holes can vary in size from home to home, and using mesh ensures the properly sized barrier against pests.  Copper mesh barriers will still allow the weep holes to be functional in letting the house breathe, but also prevent unwanted pests from having entry points into your walls and your home.

Solution: Copper Mesh Weep Hole Inserts

  • Copper mesh is cut and placed into each hole
  • Small holes allow for air, but still keep out pests
  • Copper mesh is held in by friction and there is a slim chance it would ever just fall out
  • Installation cost is determined by how many weep holes you have at your home and if some of the holes need to be cleaned of debris and old concrete
  • Installation is estimated in the range of $150 and up and is well worth it

Our Pest Buster Services

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  • Quarterly Treatment
  • Priority Membership

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