Texas homes have to put up with many crazy external forces.  From Hurricanes to droughts and everything in between.  Mother nature’s ill-fated temper tantrums don’t only wreak havoc on the main external components of your home but also on the very foundation it rests upon!  We’re here to let you know how you can identify if it’s time to call in the experts.

Stair step brick cracks.

  • Try saying that three times fast. Micro fractures don’t have much ground to stand on when it comes to the durability of your home but stair stepped brick cracks are no laughing matter. They may start small but over time spread – letting you know it’s time to call in an expert.

stair step brick crack

Sheet Rock Cracks

  • Typically straight up and down sheet rock cracks are a sign of loose tape on the joints but if you notice diagonal sheet rock cracks along windows, doors or in the middle of the room chances are your foundation is on the move.

foundation crack

Misaligned brick freeze or fascia board

  •  The fascia board is where the trim at the top of your home (before the roof) meets the brick.  This type of noticeable only in the corners of the home.  The corner of the house falls causing the brick to move and creates a noticeable separation between the trim and the brick.

fascia board

Doors that rub or don’t line up

  • Noticing uneven gaps on doors that have not had issues before?  This could be another interior sign of foundation issues.  First floor door misalignment is a greater sign than second floor doors.  If only the second floor door is misaligned and there are no other signs of foundation issues this is typically a framing issue.

uneven doors

Crack in hard surface flooring

  • Sometimes floors aren’t floated correctly for tile or hardwood flooring however if you begin seeing cracks in your hard surface flooring ranging more than several feet the issue could be your foundation

tile cracks

Large gaps in trim

  • Typically if there is any gap between your homes floor and the baseboard or trim it is unnoticeable.  If you begin to notice areas where there is a bigger gap than in other areas the foundation may have dipped in that area – no longer providing support and giving you a sinking feeling.

floor trim gap


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