From clogged toilets to broken sprinkler heads, homeowners have to deal with many stressful situations. But trying to understand a service fee shouldn’t be one of them!

Our Service Fee & Simple Policy

We offer balanced approach by compensating technicians on an hourly basis in an effort to drive quality repairs rather than forcing unneeded sales or repairs. While several companies offer free estimates on repair services, they typically pay their technicians by commission to drive a “salesman” type of approach.

Service call fees are very common in home repair visits. These fees are usually established to help companies cover potential losses in case a customer decides not to work with that company after an inspection or estimate. In our case, we waive the service fee if you agree to let us do the work!

How To Schedule A Service Call

Just call us at (713) 522-7000 or complete an online service request.

  1. Our knowledgeable staff will take your call, notate the issue and immediately schedule a technician.
  2. Whether the appointment is set for that day or a week in advance, a customer service representative will issue a courtesy call to remind you that our technician is on the way.
  3. A uniformed and experienced technician will arrive at your residence in a well-marked company vehicle.
  4. Our technicians take the time to listen to your concerns, diagnose the issue, and prepare a quote.
  5. After we explain your options and our procedure, you have the option to accept or decline our service recommendations.
  6. No matter your decision, our technicians always treat your home with respect and ensure cleanliness by wearing protective foot coverings.

Don’t forget! If something goes wrong in your home, there’s a company you can rely on for good service and high standards. It’s us – Church Services.