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Move over, citronella!

Mosquito misting systems are specifically designed to give you relief from mosquito’s in the areas you spend the most time.

What is a Mosquito Misting System?

A basic Mosquito Misting System consists of a 55-gallon reservoir, digital top mounted control with pump that uses ¼ inch tubing with mist nozzles attached to create a protection zone from mosquitos.

We can alter frequency of misting cycles to meet your needs, or you may want to use the remote that will give you the power to use the system when extra coverage is needed. Once the mosquito system is installed it will start working immediately.

How often should my misting system be set for?

In most cases we recommend timing your misting system to go off 3 times per day at 30 seconds per cycle. This will generally give you the relief needed to keep mosquitos away, even when they’re at their worst.

How often does my system need to be refilled?

Refilling the mist system depends on the number of nozzles and the number of cycles per day. If you have a 30-nozzle system and it goes off 3 times a day at 30 seconds each cycle, we would recommend a quarterly maintenance program.

Maintenance programs are beneficial to ensure the system is working properly, and to change out any nozzles that may have been clogged due to normal usage.


  1. Refill Tank & Container – Typically 55 Gallon
  2. Minor Nozzles & Hose Repairs


  1. We will go on an initial visit to evaluate the condition, size of tank, and number of nozzles at no cost
  2. A proposal will be issued for any repairs assessed and to refill the tank
  3. You can sign up on a monthly, quarterly or as needed refill program
  4. If you need service we will come out at no cost and then quote a price


We also offer service on Existing Mosquito Misting Systems. If you need a new system, we will send one of our professional pest control technicians to your home at no cost for an evaluation. Give us a call at (713) 722-5000 to schedule a free estimate.