Throw away that calendar and let Church Services make your home our priority with year-round scheduled service agreement. Get preferred scheduling and a whole-home inspection without having to pay extra.


Plumbing Service Benefits

  1. Avoid potential headaches or repairs by finding issues now
  2. Insure your water heater is safe and up to code
  3. Get a heads up on repairs you may want to plan
  4. Learn the condition of your visible water lines

Plumbing Annual Inspection

  1. Inspect Toilets, Faucets & Drains
  2. Flush Your Water Heater
  3. Check Pipes Under Sinks
  4. Examine Washer Hose Bibs And Hoses
  5. Examine Washer Hose Bibs And Hoses
  6. Look For Leaks On Exposed Piping
  7. Inspect Gas Valves, Water Heater And More