Throw away that calendar and let Church Services make your home our priority with year-round scheduled pest control service agreement. Get preferred scheduling and a whole-home inspection without having to pay extra.


Pest Control Service Benefits

  • Prevent insects from nesting inside & outside your home
  • Create a residual barrier for your residence year round
  • Get a heads up on termite & rodent activity at your home
  • We recommend ways to avoid attracting bugs & animals
  • Establish a house guarantee against general pests

Annual Pest Control Services

  • Interior Treatment Of All Accessible Areas
  • Bait Attic And Garage
  • Treat The House Perimeter
  • Treat Entry Points & Windows
  • Bait Flower Beds & Around Trees
  • Spot Treatment For Fire Ants

Membership Pricing

*Add $109 if you have more than one A/C system

Limited-Time Add On

Avoid future safety issues and know that preventative maintenance and inspections are scheduled without having to call ahead.