Permit Requirements

Are Service Repair Permits Really Necessary?

From sea to shining sea, homeowners and companies alike are being held to higher standards by requiring permits. These requirements make sure the work is completed, reduce safety risks and set guidelines on health hazards.

Our Permitting Process

When a Church Services technician quotes any work that requires a permit our office staff pulls the permit according to the municipality. Often this requires a drive to pick the permit up. After the work is complete our office staff coordinates with the municipality and the homeowner to schedule an inspection. A Church Services technician is onsite the day of inspection.

We Insist Upon Pulling Permits

Many projects completed within city limits require by law the homeowner or service provider pull permits for electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning work. Safety is the primary reason behind permitting codes – responsibility is our secondary reason.

Permitting Refusal

If you have a home project planned and decide to not pull a permit, there is major safety risk, and your home could fail inspection when it’s time to sell. As a homeowner, you can be subject to expensive fines and penalties when an inspector visits during the selling process. For your convenience, we include permitting fees in all of our pricing. Homeowners run a high risk when they work with a company that discards permitting requirements.

If a company is willing to cut corners around the rules who’s to say the work will be completed in a safe manner? It is our duty to know what jobs need to be permitted, pull the proper permits, and perform any and all work up to current codes and standards.

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