AC and heating systems have been incorporating more computer-like components over the past decade.  Due to these changes, manufacturers have begun requesting proof of maintenance history more frequently.  Much like our vehicles, it is important to maintain your ac and heating system to ensure proper functionality.

What type of proof do they ask for?

Manufacturers are only concerned about whether or not the system is being checked annually.  Homeowners should retain any receipts issued by ac repair companies for general maintenance.

How often do manufacturers ask for proof?

Manufacturers ask for proof on repairs and replacements of their equipment.  We have found our manufacturers are asking on approximately 5% of all small warranty repair work and 10-15% of large repair work.  If the paperwork is not available the warranty will not be voided however the approval of the repair could be denied.

Your service repair company

We are required to use only OEM parts when servicing/repairing your ac and heating system.  Our customers comfort and peace of mind mean everything to us.  Warranty repair can be honored by any authorized dealer of your equipment.  If you do not feel confident with your original provider you are not required to have repairs performed by them.