Our $99 AC Tune-Up (including up to 2 lbs. of refrigerant) Keeps Your AC Running Right All Summer Long!

Your air conditioner is a lot like a car, so before you start running it nonstop over the hot summer months in Houston, get it checked out by the professionals at Church Services.

For just $99, our skilled technician will run your system through a multi-point check and fill it with up to two pounds of refrigerant! Call us now or Make an Appointment online.

Remember, up to 70% of your electric bill in the summer is your air conditioner, so a tuned up A-C can save you money every month. And, if you have an older inefficient system and you’re worried about the pending summer heat and how it will hold up, we can help get you into a new one today. Call us for details.


  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get Approved Financing on your next AC
  • Get A New Water Heater Installed for $999