Pest control problems during floods? During times of recording breaking floods as happened with Hurricane Harvey, many preparations needs to be made in a short period of time. Food, water, flashlights…Pest Control?  Aside from mosquito repellent, we usually don’t think about pests control problems during floods. However, in the days, weeks and months after a major tropical flood, at least three pest control problems can be triggered by flooding and may warrant a more diversified hurricane preparedness kit.

Pest Control Problem 1: Ants

The streets of Houston and surrounding areas weren’t the only places that got flooded, so did the underground nests of ant colonies. When water flushes hundreds if not thousands of ants out of their nest, the colony looks for the closest dry ground, which can lead to ants invading your house. Fire ant colonies will actually cling together and float on top of floodwaters. Be careful of these floating mats of ants — touching it can lead to painful bites and stings!

Pest Control Problem 2: Rats

After heavy rain, especially if the sewers back up, rat nesting areas in a city sewer system get flooded. Like ants, the rats will escape to higher ground, which could be your basement, walls or even your parked car.

Pest Control Problem 3: Wasps

After the floodwaters recede, you may notice an unusual amount of wasps hovering around your lawn and bushes. Soil-loving grubs that escaped to the surface during the flooding are an easy meal for these predatory insects.

Pest Control Problems 4: Flies

Flash floods can often cause sewer systems to overflow. The sewage will attract filth flies, which like to lay their eggs on rotting organic material.