GFCI plugs are most often installed where an electrical circuit may come into contact with water.  From Kitchens to bathrooms GFCI’s are made to protect you.  It is recommended to test your GFCI plugs monthly to ensure they are working properly.

What makes a GFCI important?

GFCI stands for Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter.  Electricity is always searching for ground.  GFCI’s are designed to break the circuit when electricity finds the ground through a conductor or conducting material.  Electricity is indiscriminate when it comes to finding an object that could serve as a means for transport to the ground.

How does a GFCI work?

GFCIs are built to measure the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit both in and out (returning).  If the current flowing out of the circuit and returning back differs as little as a few milliamps the GFCI breaks the circuit to prevent fatal amounts of electricity. When you plug your toaster in, the plug calculates the amount of electricity needed to make your appliance perform its duties.  Should the toaster suddenly start making more or less of a demand on the GFCI, due to external causes or perhaps a malfunctioning toaster the GFCI simply closes the circuit.

Test your GFCIs monthly

Homeowners can easily test GFCI circuits monthly.  Simply push the test button to turn off power to the circuit. Once the test button has been pushed the reset button will pop up on a working unit.  Remember to push the reset button to reestablish power to the outlet. GFCI plugs have become increasingly important in the age of our technologies. Keeping our families safe while using these technologies is not only a must have but expected.


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