Difference Between Termite & Ant Swarmers

Did You Know? Difference Between Termite & Ant Swarmers

Sunshine is king, humidity is queen and together they breed some nasty little critters that are marksmen at home invasions. We’re going to unmask one of man’s 10 most wanted foes, the Termite.

3 Major Differences Between Flying Ants & Termites

While termites thrive on attempting to eat our homes causing costly damage, homeowners often think they have termites when really it is an ant invasion. Let’s face it they all practically look the same from a safe distance. If you’re unable to identify the insects invading your property, just leave it to the experts.

Termite Swarmer

termite swarmer

  • Straight antennae
  • Same size wings (there are 2 sets)
  • Body segments are not very obvious (head, upper and lower body seems to run together)


Ant Swarmer

ant swarmer

  • Bent (or elbowed) antennae
  • Different sized wings (there are also 2 sets)
  • Body segments are very obvious (head, upper and lower body is very distinguished)


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