There’s a new invader in town, and pardon us for saying so, but they’re a little bit “crazy.”

We’re talking about crazy ants – obnoxious, invasive ants that reproduce in large numbers, sometimes outnumbering other ants 100-to-1, that can invade your air-conditioning units, outdoor power equipment  and home, clogging electrical switches, causing short-circuits and damage, and occasionally destroying the equipment.

First detected in the United States in 2002, crazy ants have become a menace in the past few years and have spread rapidly across the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Florida.  Unlike fire ants, crazy ants do not have stingers. But they are capable of biting and the bite causes a small pain that quickly fades.

Crazy ants typically are spread to new locations through landscaping materials, mulch and soil.  Any new landscaping materials should be carefully checked prior to installation to ensure that they don’t contain these pests.  Other things you can do to prevent these ants from invading your yard and home include removal of fallen limbs, rocks and leaf litter as well as altering the moisture in your landscape. These ants thrive in humid environments so reducing the amount of irrigation, repairing leaks and improving drainage will all help.

Unfortunately, unlike the fire ant, crazy ants are extremely difficult to control. They do not respond to typical treatments for most ants.  Effective treatments are not available to consumers; rather they must be treated by professionals.  After treatment, it is common to see piles of dead ants which must be swept or disposed of in order to retreat the surfaces underneath.

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