Bats play an important role in our ecosystem.  One bat can eat nearly one thousand mosquito’s in a night as they hunt continuously from dusk to dawn. While they play an important role by taking care of another of our mortal enemies they are also carriers of disease, making them an unwanted inhabitant of our homes.

How to spot bats in your home

Typically Houston homeowners will see bats entering and leaving their homes after dusk or directly before dawn.  Adult bats only need a nickel sized gap and adolescents or babies can enter and exit through a dime sized hole. As a pest control company we often find bats in multifamily residences such as townhomes as they have shared attics which are not often entered by occupants.  We have also run into instances where a colony is spread across a neighborhood with only a few colony members per home making their presence harder to detect. It is very important for homeowners to know not to try to engage a bat or get rid of them on their own.  A professional should always be called as they have been trained on how to get rid of them properly.

Are bats gotten rid of in a humane manner?

Not many years ago we would set up nets outside the home to capture the bats as they left in the early hours and then relocate them to a rural area.  Once the bats were removed we would seal up all the entrance paths to prevent future colonization. Bat removal has changed over the years and we currently install small valve type objects that allow the colonies to leave but not reenter the domicile.   Houston homeowners can rest easy calling Church Services to help them with finding and relieving a Mexican free tailed bat infestation.