Austin Water Purification Systems

Hard water problems don’t need hard solutions.  Water purification systems are designed to combat hard water issues and the problems it causes.  Texas water is rich with minerals and calcium.  These deposits cost homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs every year.  Church Services qualified plumbers can help you protect your fixtures and have great drinkable water from your taps.

Why should I think about getting a water softener?

  • Food and beverages made with conditioned water taste better.
  • Water softeners make sure you get the full life out of your fixtures.  From shower heads to faucets, with no hard mineral build up you’re sure to get your monies worth from your appliances (like your water heater) and fixtures.
  • Homeowners who install water softeners note softer skin!
  • Studies show that clothes washed in conditioned water last longer.  Clothes are cleaner, brighter and softer as you don’t need as many harsh chemicals.
  • Without the soap scum and mineral build up in tubs, sinks and showers cleaning is a breeze!  Enjoy easier cleaning and fewer soaps and chemical use.
  • Energy savings are just one more benefit of softened water.  Without the mineral build up in pipes and appliances homeowners could see energy savings up to 30%!

Austin residents can get the most out of their fixtures and appliances with the help of a water softener installed by Church Services.  Call us in Austin today at (512) 476-6800 to learn more.  We even have financing options with approved credit.


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