Austin Plumbing Re-Piping

For many years homes in the Austin area were built using galvanized or copper water supply lines.  As with all metals, commonly these types of pipes degrade over time.  Homeowners may notice this deterioration in yellowish looking water, decreased pressures, or random pinhole leaks.  Church Services licensed plumbers can help you decide the best way to correct these issues.

Signs You Should Call


  • Rust flakes in the water. – What could be worse than grabbing a large glass of water from your tap and seeing things swirling around?
  • Yellowish water – Discolored water is harmful to your fixtures and water appliances
  • Brown discoloration of sinks/tubs – All of that yellowish water builds up over time damaging the look of your fixtures.
  • Reduced water pressure – As rust flakes build up in fixtures and smaller pipes you may notice a reduced flow in your water pressure.

Why Should I Re-Pipe My Austin Home?

  • When it comes to removing galvanized piping prevention is often better than reaction.  The question of deterioration in galvanized piping isn’t a matter of “will it” but a matter of “when will it” deteriorate.  Staying ahead of the deterioration can save you from costly fixture repair later.
  • Often the horizontal piping in the attic is made of copper.  Copper pipes are highly prone to very small leaks that can be difficult and costly to find and repair.  Homeowners often find themselves fixing many of these pinhole leaks which don’t present themselves until there is noticeable water damage on walls or floors.

There Are Different Types of Re-Piping

  • Horizontal re-piping- These types of re-pipes generally cover pipes located in the attic crawl spaces.  Depending on the size of the home and the tightness of the attic these re-pipes can be completed in fewer days. Horizontal re-pipes are also the most common as deterioration happens here more often.
  • Vertical re-piping – Vertical re-pipes can be done in sections or all at once.  Small blocks of Sheetrock are removed from the wall in order to gain access to the pipes.  A drywall contractor will need to be called to fix and paint these removed areas.  Vertical re-pipes only cover piping that runs vertically throughout the home.
  • Whole House re-piping – This is when both of the above re-pipes are done throughout the entire home.

What Are You Replacing My Pipes With?

For many years, the new industry standard for piping is PEX piping.  PEX resembles plastic tubing however it is made to be extremely durable and flexible.  Church Services uses Wirsbo brand PEX pipe which comes in different colors.  We typically use red PEX for hot water lines and blue or white for cold water lines.  Wirsbo PEX comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and is considerably less expensive than galvanized, copper or PVC pipe.

If you are ready or thinking about replacing your old pipes, give our licensed plumbers at Church Services in Austin, TX., a call at (512) 476-6800.


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