Austin Main Sewer Line & Drain Repair

Sewer line stoppages can certainly be a drain on your day.  Fear not Austin homeowners!  Church Services licensed and skilled plumbers can offer assistance in the repair of these issues.

Why is my sewer line backed up?

Sewer lines whisk away many unpleasantness from our homes.  Many homeowners often don’t realize some of the things we put down our drains could be problematic.  Here are the top 5 sources of clogs we find gumming up the works!

  • Too many paper products – Not typically toilet paper, more often we find paper towel wads and baby wipes.
  • Children’s toys – really anything that can fit down a toilet that really shouldn’t be there.
  • Roots – Tree roots are a common and unfortunate find in sewer lines.  Tree roots are incredibly strong and break sewer lines then feed off the water flow.
  • Grease and refuse – Be cautious about what you pour down your drains or grind up in your garbage disposal.  Check out our article on How to avoid kitchen backups.
  • Age – It takes time but sewer lines are susceptible to deterioration over time.

When to call

Generally sewer line backups can be spotted when using a water fixture and water emerges in another area.  For example: if you flush a toilet and water bubbles up from the bathtub or kitchen sink.  Homeowners often note a general gurgling sound while running water.  Church Services licensed plumbers can diagnose the cause of your plumbing issues.

Services Offered

Not all plumbing issues are created equally which is why our qualified plumbers can offer the service or repair your home requires.

  • Install a clean out – A clean out is an easy access measure to properly jet a sewer line.  Many newer homes already have clean outs.
  • Spot repair – Church Services has no minimum requirement on spot repairs.  If our plumber feels a full line replacement is not needed then we won’t force it.
  • Full line replacements and re-routes – Church Services will replace your existing line. We also offer re-route options if the existing line has routing or slope issues or if the replacement would cost more.
  • Tunneling – for those hard to reach places under the slab.
  • Free camera inspections on residential main line issues with existing clean out.


Church Services owns and maintains equipment to facilitate clearing your stoppages:

  • Jetters – small and large
  • Sewer machines with interchangeable heads – these do not guarantee root blockages to be cleared.

Sewer line backups, sink stoppages, and bathroom backups can all be handled by our certified and licensed Austin plumbing experts.

Call (512) 476-6800 today in the Austin area to request an estimate.


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