Austin Underslab Leak Detection

Homeowners who think there may be an issue with sewer lines under their home should consider getting a hydrostatic test performed.  Hydrostatic tests are also recommended for home buyers who are looking at a used home.

What is a hydrostatic test?

A hydrostatic test determines if a leak beneath a residence or building is in the sewer line.  If a leak is determined to exist, an isolation test is then performed to determine where the leak is located.  Hydrostatic testing is a very common task for older homes as they typically have cast iron sewer pipes that deteriorate over time.  Houses can have more than one sewage system, which is where isolation tests come into play.

Hydrostatic Testing Procedures

  • Equipment Setup – each system will need a setup period.
  • A test ball is placed in the sewer line to prevent fluid from escaping after a certain point
  • The sewer line is then filled from house to test ball then monitored for ten to twenty minutes.  A leak is determined to exist if the line doesn’t fill completely or if it loses water during the monitoring period.
  • If a house has more than one sewer line and a leak is determined to exist an isolation test is performed next to determine where all leaks are.
  • A hydrostatic test can also determine the type of lines you have and if there are roots or bellies in the line. A belly occurs where a line holds water in a dip or breakage.

Isolation Testing Procedures

  • Isolation tests can often be performed the same day as the hydrostatic test but may be scheduled for a different day.
  • A camera is run through the lines to find the locations of the leaks
  • The leaking points in the system are documented and the entire line is thoroughly checked.
  • When testing has finished a detailed diagram of the homes sewer/drain layout is sketched and each break/leak found is documented.
  • The sketch is brought to the divisional staff at Church Services where a formal report, drawing and proposal can be drafted.
  • The final report is typically provided to the homeowner the next business day.

Some homeowners insurance companies will cover part of the cost of repair.  Church Services works with insurance companies, real estate agents, home owners, engineers and builders to repair sewer systems.  Contact our offices to schedule your test at (512) 476-6800.

Note: Prices vary if the residence is outside our normal service area, or the residence has unique circumstances.


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