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When gas service has been disconnected or red-tagged at a property most municipalities require a gas test in order to restore service.

When is a Gas Test Required?

Extreme cases of use of a gas service could be one reason a gas company puts a hold on services.  If a home has gone a period of time with no service, if new lines have been added or if lines have been changed a municipality could require a gas test before restoring service.

Typically if your municipality requires gas testing they will not restore service until a test has been completed and signed off on by a city inspector.

Permits & Municipal Codes

Before Church Services can perform a gas test, we must pull a permit in the residences municipality.  Municipality codes state that all gas appliances and gas outlets must beet current standards.  An inspection will be performed by Church Services and any repairs reported to the homeowner.  Unfortunately if these repairs are not corrected a gas test cannot be performed as the test would fail city inspection.

Our Testing Process

  1. The Church Services plumber will apply a Gage to test the pressure of the system and monitor for fluctuations.
  2. If the pressure drops the plumber will then begin checking the system for the leak and make appropriate repairs with the homeowners approval.
  3. Our plumbers will try to get the repairs completed in a timely manner depending on the number of leaks, time to repair, and materials necessary.

Our licensed plumbers will inspect the home and applicable appliances to give an accurate quote of what is right for your home.  In an effort to do the right thing, if multiple leaks are found we may suggest re-piping the existing gas lines as a cost-efficient alternative.

After approval of work and all repairs have been made our staff will schedule an inspection with the municipality.  Depending on the demand upon the municipality these inspections could be scheduled several days out from the actual test.  Our qualified technicians keep you informed daily with service tickets documenting work performed.

Once the inspector has approved the work performed they will contact the gas operator to re-install a gas meter (if there is not one) and activate the service at the residence. This could be an additional 24 hours.

How To Schedule

Call our offices at (512) 476-6800 (option 1) to schedule one of our licensed plumbers.

Please note:  This service takes several days from start to finish.  Even if no leaks are determined to exist the city will not schedule an inspector for the same day.  Your gas provider will not restore service until an inspector calls them to clear the restoration of the service. 



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