Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Austin

Our foundations are in foundation repair.  When Church Services is on the job you can rest easy that your foundation issues will be corrected.


Our foundation teams have been repairing foundations for over 25 years.  If you have noticed signs your foundation may be on the move call our experts for a no cost consultation.

Austin Area Residential Foundation Repair

Texas homeowners can rest assured with our knights on the job.  Our crews are trained to work safely and efficiently.  We dig tunnels where we can to forego drilling through the floors inside your home.  Supervisors make sure any tunnels are covered between multiple day jobs when the leave each day.  We even make sure to put the yard back as best we can when finished.

Austin Area Commercial Foundation Repair

As a versatile company we are ready and willing to service multi-residential buildings.  We also offer services to home builders, engineers, HOAs, apartments, condominiums and construction companies.

Free Assessments

Our estimators offer a no obligation free assessment to determine the needs of your home.  Our foundation experts have all been with us for numerous years.

Repair Methods

Church Services offers segmented pressed piling system (concrete and steel), or bell bottom piers.

Read our step-by-step installation process for bell bottom pier and segmented piling installation.

Service Agreements You Can Trust

Church Services offers a transferable, lifetime service agreement on all foundation repairs completed by us.  Contact a foundation specialist today to learn more!

How do I know if I need to call?

Because of our hot summers and wet winters our slab foundations often shift and crack.  Cracks can often manifest throughout the home as a result of this shifting behavior.

Check out our article about signs your home needs foundation repair.

Call (512) 476-6800 today in the Austin area to request an estimate.


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