Austin Conventional Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters have been a constant fixture in Texas homes for decades.  Church Services can replace your 40, 50 or higher gallon tank water heater.  We install: gas, electric and even propane model tank water heaters.

What’s New in Tank Water Heaters?

April of 2015 will bring new regulations for tank water heaters.  These regulations will be for manufacturing but will require new code upgrades as well.  Code upgrades will vary by municipality.  Unfortunately, these new regulations will drive up the costs of tank water heaters drastically.  Manufacturers continue to churn out current regulation water heaters until the April deadline.

Do You Repair Water Heaters?

Of course!  Church Services’ qualified and licensed plumbers will make every effort to repair your tank water heater.  We repair all makes and models of tank water heaters.  Check out our priority maintenance program to keep your water heater performing at optimal levels.  It includes a yearly flush!

The new water heater regulations are bringing bulkier models that your home may need special modifications to accommodate; Why not look into going tankless?

Whatever you decide Church Services can be on top of your project from start to finish. From repairs to replacements we’ll prove we care!  We even have financing options with approved credit.

Call (512) 476-6800 today in the Austin area to request an FREE estimate.


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