Austin Heating Maintenance & Repair

Church Services repairs all makes and models of heating equipment for gas, electric and propane systems. Additionally, we are certified heat exchanger experts.

Our Most Common Calls

Strange smell – We do not use our heaters all year round, in fact there are some years where we hardly use them at all.  It is normal for there to be a smell associated with the first start of the season.  Dust that collects on the heat exchanger will often cause an unpleasant odor.  However, if the smell lasts for more than an hour it is in your best interest to call us.  Causes of this smell can be because filters are not changed on a regular basis or because there is poor airflow through the system.

Heater not turning on or not heating – The heaters of today have built in safety devices that are designed to trip the system instead of causing damage.  Often we will find tripped safety devices, our technicians are trained to determine what the underlying cause is.  Causes of this particular problem can range from a malfunctioning heat exchanger to circuit board issues.

Priority Maintenance – Fulfills all requirements for warranties

Our priority maintenance program offers 1 spring check and 1 fall check for your convenience at a discounted rate.


Heat Maintenance

  • Increase & maintain efficiency in your HVAC system
  • Peace of mind- prolong the life of your system
  • Reduce equipment & repair costs in the future
  • Save money on utility bills


  • Check for Gas leaks (furnace)
  • Check Electrical circuit
  • Clean Heat exchanger if applicable
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide & more…

Call (512) 476-6800 today at in the Austin area for emergency heating maintenance and repair services.


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