Austin AC Maintenance and Repair

Church Services repairs and maintains all makes and models of AC equipment.

Common Calls

  • Water overflowing from drain pan.
    • An important piece of your air conditioner is located in the attic and is known as the evaporator coil.  The sole purpose of this piece of equipment is to remove humidity from the air.  If the evaporator coil isn’t maintained correctly or the line it feeds into isn’t cleared annually the line could become clogged and overflow the drain pan.  Since the pan is located in the attic, any water overflowing will directly impact the ceiling of the floor it is over.  Our AC technicians may recommend you install a float switch.  Float switches are designed to turn your unit off when the water level in the pan reaches a certain point, preventing the water from overflowing in your attic and causing damage.
  • Not cooling
    • A unit that has power and is blowing but isn’t blowing cool air can be a tricky one to diagnose.  Whether it’s the air flow, circuitry issues, refrigerant issues, or anything else, rest assured our technicians will take their time to diagnose the problem correctly to offer the best solution and/or alternative solutions.

Church Services AC technicians take their time on every call so there’s no worry about a quick diagnosis and a technician running off to his next call.  Our main goal is your satisfaction which is why our technicians do not leave until your system is confirmed to be working correctly (with approved repairs & availability of parts).

Priority AC Maintenance – Fulfills all requirements for warranties

Our priority maintenance program offers 1 Spring check and 1 Fall check for your convenience at a discounted rate.


  • Increase & Maintain efficiency of current system
  • Peace of mind – prolong the life
  • Reduce future equipment repair costs
  • Possible savings on utility bills

Cooling Maintenance

  • Check electrical circuitry
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check duct system
  • Clean condenser &  offer coil cleaning if necessary

Call (512) 476-6800 today at in the Austin area for emergency AC service.


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