It’s Hurricane Season–and Time for Some Plumbing Tips for Floods

Power and plumbing are the two systems in our home most vulnerable to hurricane and flooding conditions. The major power companies keep you informed on power matters, so Church Services is here to give you some plumbing tips in floods–before, during and after they occur.

Tip 1: Clear the Street Gutters Before Flood

Check the gutters along your home’s curbs. Make sure they’re clear of debris or other types of blockages. Fast draining neighborhood gutters relieves underground pipes from the weight of saturated soil and standing flood waters.

Tip 2: Turn Off Water Before Flood

Know how to turn off your home’s water supply at the meter valve. It’s not easy to find when it’s under flood waters, especially while dodging floating mounds of fire ants. Shutting this main water valve before a flood can keep contaminated flood water from entering your home’s water supply. Also, keep a faucet in your home open to allow air into the system.

Tip 3: Turn-off Water Heater Before Flood

Disconnecting the water heater’s fuel source is a general safety precaution and also removes unnecessary pressure from your system due to heating. Finally a secured water heater becomes a good source for safe water during prolonged power outages.

Tip 4: Inspect Plumbing After Flood

As the flood waters recede, turn your home’s water back on at the meter. Test all toilets, bathtubs and sinks. Search your property for any surface damage that may impact underground pipes.